About Proco

Proco International Company Ltd. in Shanghai

Established in 1996, Proco International Co. Ltd. has been an active supplier of overseas quality products for marine and offshore platforms. We concentrate on heavy industrial applications, including pump manufacturing, chemical plant, and power generation projects.

We operate through three branch offices in China and one representative office in Vietnam, which are under the management and supervision of the Hong Kong head office.

  1. Hong Kong Head Office - the management and finance office serving our China and Vietnam offices.
  2. Qinhuangdao office - sales centre in the northern part of China, covering all activities in the region.
  3. Shanghai office - sales centre in central China, covering Shanghai and neighbouring provinces, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, etc.
  4. Guangzhou office - sales centre in southern China, covering provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, and Fujian.

Consisting of over 70 employees, most of our team are marine engineers and have been trained abroad, allowing us to serve our customers with their needs knowledgeably. We strive to work together with honesty, high ethics, loyalty, professionalism, understanding, and intimate involvement in the local market. We emphasize further training our staff with product knowledge and communicative skills to let us effectively act as a bridge between the suppliers and customers.

Our scope of services covers quality product supply, engineering support, installation, and fabrication. We are actively participating in package supply by integrating products from various vendors to offer a turnkey solution to our customers, committing to providing a comprehensive service, and aiming to be the most reliable partner both in the eyes of the principles and the customers.

Management System:

We use two systems, Trello and Pipedrive, to coordinate all of our offices smoothly.

Within Trello, we have different team pages that serve different purposes. Within those pages, our staff is responsible for updating their individual activities and indicating project status using a numbered scoring system (1-10). Trello allows all related board records and history to be traced. 

Pipedrive is a more comprehensive customer relationship management software that allows us to coordinate and streamline details per customer. We have a profile on each of our customers that contains contact information, past orders, and other details to help us create a better experience for them.


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