Sales Engineer

Requirements & Duties: 

  1. Technical, hydraulic, and pipe fitting knowledge in the Engineering field and building field, preferring holding a Diploma or Degree in Science or Engineering discipline;
  2. Good command of both spoken and written English and Chinese;
  3. Over 3 years of working experience is preferred; 
  4. Smart, self-motivated, able to work independently and effectively under pressure with good analytical and communication skills;
  5. Solid experience in managing the business performance of sales terms;
  6. Travel to China may be required.


Job Details:

1) Establish marketing plans for product lines that he/she carries

2) Establish an annual target and make sure the target is achieved

3) Consolidate all sales leads

4) Travel with salesmen in different branches to support the sales

5) Travel with foreign suppliers to hold seminars with potential customers

6) Select and set up sub-agents in different locations

7) Conduct periodic meetings to make sure all sales leads are followed up

8) Report activities to the management and suppliers

9) Make sure all technical aspects are carefully considered by the suppliers and fulfilled in each project tender

10) Evaluate the financial aspect of each project such as profit margin, payment terms, and creditability of customers

11) Make sure all business is conducted in an ethical and lawful manner


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