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Established in 1917, Temac is a leading Central European manufacturer and distributor of industrial gaskets and sealing.

Temac develops, manufactures and distributes a broad range of sealing solutions on basis of own Research and Development and co-operations with leading international material suppliers. They work long-term on basis of an ISO 9001 system awarded by TÜV certification auditor and ISO 14001.


Soft Material: Metallic / Semi-Metallic: Textil and other products:
  • CSF - Compressed Synthetic Fibre
  • Expanded Graphite Sheets
  • PTFE products - Uniflow
  • Millboards
  • Rubber Sheets Ceramic Paper, felt
    Cork-rubber sheets
    Cut, blank, cut-out
    Soft cut with inner eyelet
  • Spiral Wound Gaskets
  • Camprofiles
  • Double Jacketed gaskets
  • RTJ - ring type jointings
  • Corrugated gaskets, Solid gaskets
    Lens Rings
  • Special Products
  • Packings (pumps and valves)
  • Static packing and laggings
  • Industrial textiles
  • Geotextiles
  • Flexible lip seals
  • PTFE (rods, sheets, hollows)
    PTFE components
    PTFE envelope
  • Manhole gaskets
  • Composite hoses
  • Gauge glass
  • Technical support
  • Special Products

The company also provides "24 / 48 hours Service " covering technical questions and specifications, including active technical surveillance.


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