Otis Marine

“Dedicated to satisfy Marine customers’ requirements and to drive the latest technologies in safety, reliability, flexibility, energy savings, traffic flow,... to the marine elevator matching all the class society regulations and quality standards in the sector.”

Founded in 1853, Otis is the largest elevator company. With over 20 factories in three continents, and business spanning over 200 countries worldwide, Otis Marine’s range of products and solutions will fit your vessel needs. As Early as 1915, U.S. Navy contracted Otis for an elevator system that would accurately stop and level in a rolling sea. Since these days, Otis has provided numerous marine elevators for ships around the world.



  • Passenger and service elevators

  • EN81-20, EN81-50 and ISO8383 compliance

  • PVAG compliance

  • USPH compliance

  • Machinery room-less option

  • Scenic doors and cars

  • Regenerative drives

  • Wide range of standard interiors

  • Special decorations

  • Operational modes (luggage, VIP, blackout,...)

  • Grouping solutions

  • Flexible installation methodologies

Gen2 Technology -> flat coated steel belts:


  • Energy savings

  • Durability

  • Safety

  • Time in operation

  • Reliability

  • Comfort

  • Stop accuracy


  • Space required

  • Installation time

  • Weight

  • High manufacturing volume

  • Life cycle cost

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Machinery room

Escalators and Moving Walkways:

  • Passenger and service escalators

  • EN-115 compliance

  • USPH compliance

  • Range of product depending on traffic demand

  • VF regenerative drive

  • Stop and go

  • Safety improvements

  • Innumerable aesthetic choices

ADA lifts:

  • Machine directive 2006/42/EC compliance

  • 0,15m/s

  • Electric Gen2 Machine

  • Flat coated steel belts

  • Weight efficiency

  • Manual or automatic doors

  • Scenic car and door

  • Easy maintenance through COP and ceiling

  • Low pit and headroom


  • Machine directive 2006/42/EC compliance

  • USPH compliance

  • 0.35m/s

  • Guilotine or hinged doors

  • Hydraulic and electric configurations.

  • MAchinery room less available

  • Door in the car optionally


  • Machine directive 2006/42/EC compliance

  • 0,15m/s

  • Platform configuration available

  • Straight or curved configuration

  • Interior or exterior design


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