ARG: Anti Rolling Gyro - Boat Stabilizer by TOHMEI

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Rules the Waves - Reduce your boat roll at anchor and underway

The Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro stabilizer Rules the Waves with over a decade of experience creating stable situations for recreational and commercial crafts all over the world. 

Not only does the ARG stabilizer reduce roll at zero speed, but at trolling speeds as well. The ARG does this without any high-pressure hoses, hot oil or through-hull fittings. In fact, there is nothing that protrudes from the hull. 

The ARG stabilizer is easy to install. Just bolt it down to your boat and plug it in! The Tohmei ARG stabilizer is the original anti-rolling gyro stabilizer. 

Offered stabilizers for your vessel needs:


The newest addition to the Tohmei line of gyros. With decidedly more Anti-Rolling torque in a smaller package, it is certain to become a leader in the under 25-ton vessel range (depending on the metacentric height of the boat).


The Intermediate sized model and the Flagship of the ARG series. It covers up to a displacement of 40 tons (depending on the metacentric height of the boat). By Installing multiple units, the ARG250T/250T-1 can be installed in larger vessels up to130 ft. The ARG250T-1 was developed for low wave height.


The largest model in the ARG series. Capable of producing 37500 Nm of anti-rolling torque. It is well suited for stablizing boats up to 60 tons. By installing multiple units of this model, it is perfect for 120-140 ton mega yachts, and research vessels. Designed to compete with other finned types of ‘zero speed’ stabilizers, with high power demands, the ARG375T comparatively utilizes electricity in an efficient and power-saving way, reducing the need for larger generators. 

Why choose the Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro stabilizer:

  • Effective at trolling and at ‘zero’ speeds

  • Drag-free for no projective outside hull surface

  • Virtually no maintenance

  • Installable to existing boat

  • One-package add-on system

  • Location free installation

  • Simple wiring, no computer control, and no water cooling required.


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