GF Piping Systems

GF Piping Systems is the leading flow solutions provider across the world. GF piping systems Logo

Georg Fischer Piping Systems has a two-century history of providing the industry with creative solutions that are constantly innovating on what came before. They are driven by maintaining industry-leading sustainability levels, innovating through digitally enabled solutions, and investing in a culture built on performance, learning, and caring.

Marine Plastic Piping System Solutions:

  • Portable water, Wastewater and Swimming pool 

  • Hot and Cold water system

  • Cooling/Air conditioning system

  • Black & Grey water system, venting

  • Bunker line and Ballast system

  • Scrubber system

Your Non-Corrosion Solution: 

The plastic piping systems from GF Piping Systems are non-corrosive and do not need replacing throughout the system's entire service life. Therefore, they contribute to the system's increased reliability while lowering maintenance costs and staff requirements.

Weighing up to 60 percent less than metal systems, they have lower static requirements and are easier to transport. Innovative jointing technologies such as cementing or integrated electrofusion allow them to be installed up to 50 percent faster. What is more, their low carbon dioxide footprint, energy efficiency, and recyclability are essential in lowering their environmental impact.

GF offers a wide variety of products to create the best solutions for your vessel needs:

  • Pipes & Fittings

  • Welding Technology

  • Valve

  • Automation Systems

  • Measurement Instrument


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