SMM 2018 - Hamburg, Germany

Proco International Company Ltd attended the 2018 SMM in Hamburg, Germany.

SMM is the leading international maritime trade fair hosted in Hamburg, Germany. It offers a perfect stage for gathering insight, networking, cementing business deals and contributing to debates with the thought leaders in the maritime sector. With six decades of history, they have deep connections with all maritime industry sectors. The Port of Hamburg offers a unique platform for collaborative innovation, attracting many suppliers and encouraging global market conversations. 

Participating Proco team members had the opportunity to meet with our suppliers, talk to industry and sector leaders, and learn about new innovations in the field, further immersing themselves in the international maritime market. While doing so, they were also able to explore the city of Hamburg, indulging in its culture, gaining a larger world view of what there is to offer, and what we can do to contribute.

proco international company ltd with ACO

Proco team members visiting our supplier ACO Marine’s booth at the SMM trade fair.


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