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GrayGo International produces SlideRite bearing materials using the latest generation of proprietary synthetic fibers, resins and additives. They are environmentally friendly while offering the lowest wear and ultra-low frictional properties.

This results in plain bearings that can operate in most applications without any form of maintenance and allow:

  • Very high loads

  • Very high edge loading

  • Runs dry or immersed
  • Negligible moisture absorption

  • Chemically resistant

  • Temperatures ranging from sub-zero to tropical conditions

The essentials of a bearing are the functions that it must perform: freedom of movement combined with localization of the moving parts, allowing forces to be transferred efficiently, with as little maintenance as possible for decades, and at the lowest possible cost.

GrayGo Internationals' Sliderite spherical bearings are manufactured to function in all environments of your vessel's needs. The metal parts are made from high-grade stainless steel, which, in combination with SlideRite sliding layer, results in spherical bearings that survive. They do not require Lubrication, can be used dry or immersed in water, withstand shock and vibration, and continues to function in all environments long after other bearings have failed.

SlideRite bearings are made as : Bushings, linkages, thrust washers, locks, bearing segments, wicket gates, cleaning racks, hydraulic cylinders, valves, main guide shaft, regulator rings, etc.


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