Glass Reinforced Epoxy Piping Systems - Nanjing Xinhe Composites Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Xinhe Composites Co., Ltd is a leading anti-corrosion solution provider, committed to product development in the field of nuclear power, and marine and corrosion resistance.

Their products are suitable for many applications, having been widely used in power environmental protection, construction, petrochemicals, metallurgy and minerals, marine and offshore vessel water treatments, and many more. 


Piping Systems:

Marine and Offshore GRE Piping Systems:

Marine and Offshore GRE Pipes and fittings are made of strength fibre and amine-cured epoxy resin under a helical filament winding process. Meets the requirements for low flame spread, low smoke and toxicity according to IMO 2010 FTP Code.

Fire Resistant GRE Piping Systems:

The structural wall of fire resistant GRE pipeline is continuous glass fibres wound at 5434º helical angle in a matrix of aromatic amine cured epoxy resin. The integral reinforced resin-rich liner consists of C-glass and a resin hardener system, and has a 20mm nominal thickness. The fireproofing coating of the outer layer is available in 3-10mm thicknesses. 

According to ISO 14692 and UKOOA guide, fire resistant GRE pipeline has passed the jet fire test with a heat flux of 300 kW/m2 and a flow rate of 0.3kg/sec. Applied to offshore platforms with low smoke and low toxicity and dry wet seawater protection system. 


  • Marine fire fighting water pipe
  • Land fire water pipe
  • Ground fire fighting pipeline of LNG terminal
  • Refinery and petrochemical applications

Chemical GRE Piping Systems:

NNCC chemical resistant resinpipe XH-C100, XH-C200, XH-C300 series products are made of epoxy resin with special chemical protective layer.


  1. Resin-rich inner lining, 2.0mm corrosion-resistant resin

  2. The structural layer is made of epoxy resin and glass fiber yarn winding

  3. The surface layer is a 0.3 resin-rich layer


  • Chemical Processing
  • Corrosive liquid transmission
  • District heating
  • food, medical and cosmetic
  • Steam condensate return
  • Water service
  • Brine transmission

Nucleur GRE Piping Systems

NNCC has developed a special GRE piping system for nuclear power plants. The design of XH-N100 and XH-N200, XH-M300 series piping system fully conforms to the safety rules of nuclear power plant. Compared with traditional materials, fibre reinforced GRE piping system has many advantages, such as corrosion resistance, light weight, fire protection, long service life and maintenance free. 

Depending on your vessel needs:

  • Special wall thicknesses for seismic safety are available, and GRE piping systems can also be supplied as prefabrication spools for quick installation
  • The following joining methods can be used: Socket O-ring connection, bonding connection, laminated connection, flange connection, rubber seal lock joint. 

In order to ensure the safety of the nuclear power plant, NNCC GRE nuclear power pipeline has successfully passed the special performance test of fire protection, anti ballast and anti-shock, and can be applied to fire protection systems.

Oil Gas GRE Piping systems:

NNCC has technical capabilities of large-diameter epoxy glass steel pipe, adopts advanced computer-controlled filament winding technology, and complies with API(American Petroleum Institute) 15HR/15LR specifications, and has passed ISO9001 quality system certification.


  • Flow Lines
  • Oil and gas gathering and transmission
  • Water injection and separation
  • Saltwater disposal
  • Water transmission
  • Tubing and casing
  • Fire water/fire protection


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